Freshly Cooked Peanuts for You and Your Loved Ones

About Us

Buzzard Springs Trading Company which owns and supports the Griffin Farms Brand of Virginia is dedicated to all our customers and can guarantee a “freshly cooked” peanut experience with every order.   Our small family run business has been part of the Peanut Industry for more than 40 years and the Griffin Farms Brand has become popular for preparing our unique peanut products in “Small Batches”.

Who We Are

Our family has been involved in the marketing of peanuts and related products as a logical extension of our farm experience. Griffin Farms is proud to provide you with the best peanut and ham products that Smithfield, Virginia has become famous for.  In fact, the peanuts and hams that we ship are the same ones you will find in our kitchen.  In this way, we guarantee that you will be delighted with the quality of every order.

Not only do our growers ensure freshness with rotation and fertilization schedules they also take the time to make sure our peanuts are packed with flavor and are packaged to order.  Our peanuts are slow cured until they are dried down to a 10% moisture factor.  They are then put through a government compliance inspection that meets the Buzzard Springs quality standards prior to being packaged for our customers.  Thank you for your business and we appreciate your confidence in the Griffin Farms Brand of Peanuts here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Nancy Pile-Griffin


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